Many people don’t know much about professional sound equipment but do know that they want a great sound from a system that looks great. They also want the equipment to perform as it should. Gary feels that if you’re going to be a professional, you need professional tools.

The single most important part of a sound system is the speakers. You can have top of the line equipment but if your speakers are substandard, your sound will be substandard as well. If a group of people were to be asked what the best speaker in the world is, the overwhelming answer would be Bose. Gary proudly uses Bose speakers at all of his DJ’d events and many of his live events.

Esthetics is a big part of every event and much detail goes into making the room look perfect. If your entertainments equipment consumes the room or looks tattered and unkempt, it will take away from the elegance you’ve worked to hard to achieve. Not only is Bose famous for making a great sounding, professional speaker, but also for making it as small as possible. The combination of great sound and a small speaker help to make your room sound and look beautiful.

Along with a vast music library on hand, Gary also has the ability to download virtually any song right at his booth, ensuring you and your guests’ requests will be available to play.

Professionalism, organization, attention to detail, and attention to your specific wishes all help to make your event go perfectly. But what happens if the sound equipment is substandard or fails all together? Disaster! None of us can predict when a piece of electronic equipment is going to fail. All one can do is plan and be prepared in the event of such a failure. By using professional equipment that’s well maintained and by having back-up equipment on hand, you can be assured that equipment failure won’t be an issue at your event.

Along with Bose 802, 502BP, PAS-L1 & Acoustic Wave speakers, Gary plays Takamine, Adamas/Ovation & Ibanez acoustic electric guitars and uses Bose crossovers / controllers, Crown and QSC amplifiers, Mackie sound mixers, Digitech vocal processors, Shure, Sennheiser & Rode corded & cordless microphones, Numark CD players, Furmann voltage regulators & power conditioners, Apple / Mac laptops, Monster cords & cables, custom made DJ booth and Tascam digital recorders in his recording studio.

As a full time entertainer, Gary takes the tools of his trade very seriously and pays great attention to detail and making sure his equipment meets his high standards. If you wish to have more information on the equipment that Gary uses, or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.