General Wedding Questions

Q: How long have you been in the Entertainment business?
A: I began singing & playing the guitar when I was 15. I began performing professionally when I was 18 and began DJing when I was 24.

Q: Do you have another job that may interfere with your entertaining schedule?
A: No, I have been a full time entertainer for over 16 years. Weekdays, I perform at retirement communities, nursing and assisted living facilities, corporate events and school outings. Weekday evenings, I typically meet with couples to go over the details of their upcoming wedding or I can be found singing at a local restaurant or lounge. My weekends are typically filled with weddings & other private functions.

Q: Do you wear a tuxedo?
A: Yes, I wear a tuxedo to weddings. For less formal events, I sometimes wear a suit or simply Dockers, shirt & tie.

Q: Our banquet facility requires all venders to carry liability insurance. Do you have liability insurance?
A: Yes, a copy of my policy can be sent or faxed to your banquet facility in advance of your wedding or event.

Q: If we were to hire you, would you be the DJ at our event?
A: YES! When you hire Gary S. Jones Entertainment, you GET Gary S. Jones at your event!

Q: What happens if you get sick on the day of my wedding?
A: I take my profession very seriously. Not knowing what the future holds for any of us, I would have to be hospitalized or deceased to not attend your wedding. To put it simply, I would have to be as ill as you would have to be to not be able to attend your own wedding. If I were unable to attend your wedding due to catastrophic illness or death, a replacement DJ/Entertainer, would be provided.

Q: We’ve never planned a wedding before, can you help with the planning of our event?
A: To a certain extent, yes. I meet with all of my couples about a month before the wedding to go over every detail. This appointment would take place in my Agawam, MA Office. An appointment for a ceremony or reception takes about 1-1/2 hours. To go over both a ceremony & reception, the appointment generally takes about 2 hours. At this appointment, I cover every detail. Then, on the day of your wedding, I help to coordinate the event while working closely with your banquet manager/caterer, photographer, videographer.

Q: We don’t live in the area and won’t be in the area until a day before the wedding. How can we go over our details with you?
A: I like to meet with couples in person but sometimes that’s not an option. A video conference is available if you have an Apple computer or PC with web cam with a broadband connection through Apple’s iChat, Yahoo messenger, AIM or Skype (


Equipment Q & A’s

Q: How big is your set-up & do you have a sign?
A: My set-up is as compact as it can be without compromising sound quality. I use a custom made booth (without a sign promoting my business) and small but beautifully sounding speakers. You go to great lengths to make your room look beautiful. I make every effort to make my system as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Q: Do you have backup equipment at my wedding in case something fails?
A: Yes, I always carry extra amplifiers, mixers, CD players, Apple laptop computers, cables and other various items if needed.

Q: Do you use compact discs or MP3’s?
A: Both. At your event, I will have a vast compact disc library as well as two laptop computers, external hard drives and a fully loaded iPod (as a backup).

Q: Do you provide wireless microphones for the blessing & toast(s)?
A: Yes, wireless microphones are provided.

Q: How early do you arrive to set up?
A: I arrive approximately one hour before your guests are scheduled to arrive.

Q: If I have you sing at my ceremony and then perform at my reception, when do you set up your equipment?
A: I typically set up prior to your ceremony. If the room is being used at that time, I have an assistant set up for me.

Q: You mentioned an assistant. Do you bring an assistant with you?
A: No, my assistant occasionally helps me with setting up and breaking down my equipment.


Contracts, Pricing and Deposits

Q: Do you provide a written contract?
A: Yes, I provide contracts with all of the pertinent details.

Q: How many hours are included in your wedding package?
A: Typically, wedding ceremonies are between 30 to 75 minutes long and wedding receptions are between five & six hours long. This timeframe is covered in my standard package price.

Q: Is set up time and travel part of the time on our contract?
A: No, the times on your contract are actual performance times. Your contracted price includes all travel, lodging (if necessary) & set-up time.

Q: Is there an extra charge for additional hours?
A: Typically no. If your event goes slightly longer (within an hour) than expected, I do not charge additional.  However, if your event goes longer than one hour over the contracted end time, reasonable compensation would be expected. If that were the case, the additional cost beyond the initial six hours would be negotiated prior to contracts being signed.

Q: It says on your contract that if my event is canceled for any reason, all deposits will be retained. What does this mean?
A: If you cancel your wedding, I do keep the deposit as it’s most likely that I would not be able to rebook the date. If I am able to rebook the date, I typically return a portion of the deposit.

Q: When is my balance due?
A: Your balance is due at the end of your event although most client choose to pay their balance before the event.

Q: Do you take personal checks?
A: Yes, however, if you pay your balance on the night of your event, I would prefer cash.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: No, in an attempt to keep my prices as low as possible, I have decided to not take credit cards.


Wedding Ceremony

Q: Can you provide music for my entire ceremony or do I need to hire an organist or other musicians?
A: I can provide music for your entire ceremony. This music would be performed on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Q: I would like traditional organ music while I walk down the isle. Do you play the organ?
A: No. If you want traditional organ music at your ceremony, you will have to hire an organist. Half of the ceremonies I perform at are with an organist.

Q: I don’t want an organist at my wedding. Can you provide more traditional music for the ceremony?
A: I can play any prerecorded music for your ceremony but prefer to provide live music

Q: My ceremony is in a catholic church and they require liturgical music. Do you play traditional catholic songs?
A: Yes, I can play many catholic songs and the mass music as well.

Q: Do you provide a microphone for our officiant?
A: Yes, If I am performing at your ceremony, I can provide a lapel or hand held microphone for your officiant at no additional charge.


Wedding Reception

Q: Do you sing for the social hour or the dinner hour?
A: I always sing for the dinner hour. The social hour is very loud and I find that the music gets buried. People are catching up on old times and the bride, groom, bridal party and close family are typically with the photographer and/or in the bridal suite during the social hour.
Singing for the dinner hour allows for everyone to enjoy the soft music while enjoying their meals, good conversation and occasionally dancing to their favorite ballads.

Q: Can we choose the music for the social hour?
A: Of course! You may have as much input as you’d like on the music you’ll hear.

Q: Are we required to feed you at our reception?
A: Although you are not required to provide a meal for me at your reception, I’ve never not been provided a meal.

Q: If you’re singing during the dinner hour, when do you eat?
A: I typically eat (very quickly) at the end of the dinner hour, right before dancing begins.

Q: I was at a wedding once where the DJ was intoxicated. Do you drink at weddings?
A: No, I’m a professional and when I’m performing at a wedding reception, I’m working for you and don’t feel it appropriate to be drinking alcohol.

Q: There are songs that I would like played and some I would prefer not being played at my reception. Can I give you a list of songs that I would like played and not played?
A: Yes, you may have as much input on music selection as you’d like.